Prince of Persia

Today I became to know the source code of old game ‘Prince of Persia’ is available in github. Here is the address. It’s written in 6502 assembly language on the Apple II. I’m pretty sure no one who reads it has the Apple II to play this game.

When I played this game for the first time, it ran on PC XT. Probably it was around 1989 or 1990. I could not afford to buy new PC. I bought used XT replication from my friend, which came with Hercules Graphics Card. The Hercules card also was cheap replication. The friend of mine already had new one having 386 DX. Back then in Sewoon shopping mall (세운상가), Seoul, South Korea, there were many small stores that sells replicates of Apple II, PCs, graphic cards, games and DOS. I heard there were nothing they was not able to replicate. At that time most of us didn’t know what the ‘copyright’ means and even didn’t hear the word.

Prince of Persia (1989) MS-DOC PC Game Play

Some of stores got bigger and became big company. The TriGem Computer was one of them. In early 1990s, it sold the computers more than Samsung Electronics.

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