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Quick Sort

This quick sort implementation comes from ‘Programming Pearls’ by Jon Bentley. The basic idea of quick sort is ‘divided and conquer’. Choose the pivot Partitioning the array to have half the elements are above the pivot and half the elements … Continue reading

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Prince of Persia

Today I became to know the source code of old game ‘Prince of Persia’ is available in github. Here is the address. It’s written in 6502 assembly language on the Apple II. I’m pretty sure no one who reads it … Continue reading

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What’s your favorite, C or C++? Which one is better? Especially in embedded system. Why?

Since moving to firmware development three years back, I’ve been using only C. The reason most people prefer C to C++ in programming embedded system is, IMHO, there are not much benefits we can earn from C++. Even worse, by … Continue reading

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Book: “Teach what you know” by Steve Trautman

This book is about peer mentoring, especially being applicable in software team. The author says he wrote this book based on his experience as a localization program manager in Microsoft in 1990. He defines a several learning styles, that he … Continue reading

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